dot meets line …

Dot and line occur everywhere in the normal daily surrounding. In small things, unusual things, things we dont even see. It needs a subtle perception and a sensitive eye to discover the beauty of dots and lines in the daily life and put them in a compositorical play.

Takaaki Iwamura has both – plus a lifelong addiction to the bauhaus and the bauhaus masters. Viewing the works of Takaaki Iwamura on the theme of dots and lines reminds of the saying of Albrecht Dürer:

“Nature holds the beautiful, for the artist who has the insight to extract it. Thus, beauty lies even in humble, perhaps ugly things, and the ideal, which bypasses or improves on nature, may not be truly beautiful in the end.”
Albrecht Dürer

Takaaki Weimar 2014


The small booklet of Takaaki Iwamura reveals pictures, he found in his daily life in Germany during the 2-weeks-summerworkshop.

Takaaki Iwamura
岩村隆昭 <>


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